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Place, Angel or demon?

This entity spans multiple religions, originally Apollyon in Greek, is the destroyer or a place of destruction. In the Hebrew bible Abaddon refers to a bottomless pit often tied with Sheol, a place of darkness where the dead go. The dead sea scrolls tell of Abaddon as a place, one of the realm's of Gehenna, where the dead lie in fire and ice.
In Christianity, the book of revelations, he is described as the destroyer, angel of the abyss. He would rise up during Armageddon with an army of locusts, a demon so powerful even Satan himself feared him. Some believe he is the anti-christ while other theorise that he is Satan himself.
In Methodist belief he is not a demon, but an angel of God. He is the destroying hand of god, tasked to gather the dirt that formed Adam. After gathering the dirt he was seen as the protector of all living things, respected by all living creatures, angels and demons.