Code of Conduct

Tartarus Beers is committed to the fair treatment of everyone, we feel that everyone should be comfortable to be themselves, without fear of abuse or harassment.

Ourselves, our employees and people we contract work to (anyone that represents our business) must follow the terms of conduct. Our terms of conduct are set out with the aim to create and maintain an environment where everyone is welcome and is treated with dignity and respect, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, transgender status, marital or family status, colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origins, creed, culture, religion or belief, age, disability.


  1. We aim to create a safe working environment, free from abuse and harassment, in such we have a zero tolerance policy for such actions.
  2. We expect our customers to not discriminate or harass anyone, if we find anyone behaving in any way that is deemed abusive or harassing to other customers and/ or staff they will be immediately removed from the premises and banned.
  3. Anyone found to be engaging in conversations using derogatory words or phrases that are deemed to be discriminatory, or that make other customers or staff feel uncomfortable or unsafe they will be asked to stop and warned about their behaviour. If they continue then they will be asked to leave, with the potential of being banned from the premise.
  4. Online we will never post anything or say anything derogatory, abusive or harassing. We also expect the same of people that interact with us and our posts (facebook, Instagram, twitter), any comments that are deemed to be offensive, abusive or derogatory will be removed.
  5. We also aim to create a respectful and discriminatory free environment during any events we attend or host, including reporting any harassment or abuse we witness to the correct personnel.


If there is anything you feel like we could improve on in our code of conduct then please feel free to email us at